Current release v. 0.95 Beta - Release date 06th February 2005

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VDK.EXE and VDK.SYS Copyright (c) 2003 Ken Kato (

Virtual Disk Driver for Windows NT platform

This script makes use of the functions of

The Wizard's Apprentice

The Wizard's Apprentice may be freely distributed.

This script by Jacopo Lazzari (

Comments, suggestions, bug reports are welcome!

Note: only mail with word "VDK" in the subject will be taken care of


This script is released as "CAREWARE", it may be freely distributed, used, modified and whatever, provided that the user, at least once per use, performs ANY of the following

1 - Smiles at somebody/something

2 - Hugs or pats on the shoulder a friend/colleague/pet/furry little creature from Alpha Centauri

3 - Acts nicely towards a friend/foreigner/alien/any other living being

4 - Kisses his/her girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband/any other living being (de gustibus...)

5 - Feels happy even without apparent reason

6 - Stops whining for an hour, a day, a week, your choice

Important Note: if you don't like this idea, just ignore it -- you can have this anyway.

That's one way to distinguish the world of ideas from the rest of human history:

you can disregard an idea ...

...and no one knocks on your door at midnight.

(Unless it's your neighbour in need of a cup of sugar), in which case you MAY act NON-nicely


Though every reasonable effort has been made in testing this script, the Author accepts no liability whatsoever. This script may or may not do whatever it is supposed to do, it could even possibly completely destroy your software, hardware and set your house/office to fire.

No warranty implied, not even that of fitness for any particular purpose apart taking up a little bit of your hard disk space.

This script is distributed as "VMD.CMD.TXT" by renaming it to "VMD.CMD", YOU make it an executable script, thus accepting all of the above.

Current release is BETA, meaning .... well, that is BETA.


This script was made possible by the work of these people, which I wish to thank:

Ken Kato, author of VDK

Dion Nicolas, author of The Wizard's Apprentice

Rob van der Woude, who mantains an excellent page on batch files, from whom I borrowed many ideas, knowledge and code


You need to have at least the following files in the SAME directory:




(find them on Ken's page as VDK.ZIP):

- wizapp.exe

(find it on The Wizard's Apprentice page as


(find it here as VDMCMD.ZIP)7 Kb

Inside the zip file there is file VDM.CMD.TXT, that YOU have to rename to VDM.CMD, so that it becomes executable.

Optionally, you can get here file VDMALL.ZIP 31 Kb that contains, together with VDM.CMD.TXT,

VDM.BMP, the image you can see on top of the page, rotated by 90 degrees, that makes the wizard look prettier.

(I found this image on the web, to my best knowledge it is NOT copyrighted, should you be the Author or detainer of the Copyright, just let me know and I'll remove it immediately).

The image is not necessary for the wizard to work, you can use ANY bitmap image as long as it is roughly 130200 pixel wide and 200300 pixel high. Just call it VDM.BMP and put it in the same directory of the other files.


The good thing is that there is no manual, everything is prettily self-explanatory, or can be found in the manual of VDK.EXE.

The script itself is more or less commented, so that understanding its internals and modifying it should be not difficult.

The script works on Windows 2000/XP, it has NOT been tested under NT 4.00, it definitely won't work under Windows 95/98/ME, but VDK.EXE won't work on non-NT OS's either.


Jan. 1, 2005 First update to this page. I had no bug reports, which means one of the following:
a) the script is perfect! (nahh, it's not possible)
b) nobody tested the script (quite possible)
c) nobody tested COMPLETELY the script (very possible)
As a matter of fact, using it, I found some minor problems in certain configurations (Incorrect Drive Letter assigned) when other Virtual Drives have been mounted and unmounted in the same session.
As soon as I'll get the time for it, I'll fix things and upload version 0.99RC1.
Jan. 1, 2005 Michele Berardi has written a Plug-in for BartPE (if you don't know what BartPe is, you don't need this), you can get here the plugin file
here is Michele's homepage
Updated address on 3rd October 2006
Feb. 6, 2005 Version 0.95 BETA
Fixed a bug that prevented from mounting RAW images
Changed the way the command wrap works (now it outputs to CMD window)
Still trying to find out why the batch sometimes reports an incorrect free drive letter (using Alcohol to mount a Virtual CD Rom the letter remains "sticky") - this is however a very minor problem